[DS] Driveable traffic vehicles v1.1

With this mod you can play most of traffic vehicles that are basically unplayable!

- Removed WP from PrioLow and RTW
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City bus is what we need! The only thing remains excavator which going in rounds in career :-) it will be cool to race on it againt pacemaker!
Gal Rozman
[ Deleted ]
Gal Rozman
[ Deleted ]
Reverse lights and a flare for a "gun" would be nice. 7/10.
Gal Rozman
Reverse lights aren't really needed if these are "traffic vehicles" and can you explain what did you mean by flare for a gun?
Why do you think reverse lights are not needed? You can drive those cars and sometimes you'll need to reverse. That's why reverse lights would be a nice to have.
In Das Syndikat you are able to "shoot" with a gun and if you put a special light point (I don't have the name in mind) you'll see the firing effect when you shoot.
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