27.09.2019, 21:26
CobraGamer schrieb:
EDIT: From what I can see, the Editor merges all objects of an imported model into one, but it doesn't seem to combine the respective materials and UV maps. Any chance this can be fixed?
Stadium, Meerblick and Autobahn are working. They keep their material and UV order. I already notified that your batterfield only contains one big object - but this is already in blender viewable.

As said, if youre not familiar with the sizes of sceneries, you should take an original scenery and set your new scenery at the same scale. For example, compare the street width of both sceneries to find the correct scale. Since the sceneries' scale is multiplicated by 10 (made by synetic), a good street width is 120 in blender. (which equals 12m in real).
For exporting, keep the scale at 1.

"@0/0" literally means that already the first block that has been checked has too many polys. In conclusion, your scenery is way too small
No, Im mistaking. 0/0 means at this point that the most left block ath the bottom has too many polygons. It doenst say that the scenery is too small
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Nix gegen Baguette, aber...
14.10.2019, 10:42
Wow, there are Addon-Scenarios now?! :O

I've been out of the scene for too long.

Good job! smile
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27.05.2020, 03:46
Der Downlaod ist leider offline, besteht die Möglichkeit eines Reupload oder gibt es vielleicht sogar mal wieder Fortschritte an dem Tool?
28.05.2020, 19:58
Hi, sorry dass der Link irgendwie verloren gegangen ist.

Anbei der Tagesaktuelle Build (ich sollte eigentlich alle geplanten neuheiten wieder Ausgeklammert haben, sollte irgendetwas jedoch nicht mehr funktionieren, bitte einfach kurz bescheid geben)!Ar...v3csnkTFFQp8fMlx?e=DAbisg
Nix gegen Baguette, aber...
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