04.06.2017, 01:49
26.07.2017, 19:15
Thanks for no reply smile
26.07.2017, 22:28
I know how to do it. I'm not really sure if i'm interested on making it.
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26.07.2017, 23:07
If you do this i will be really happy.

And thank you for your reply.
26.07.2017, 23:13
I will do it. But I need some time. I'm sick this can count on me for next week..
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27.07.2017, 09:02

I just finished that car yesterday. Although it is "only" the Need For Speed-Edition (HP:2010), it will be easier for Driverstone to use this model instead of the one from WR2. Driverstone may edit this car in every way he wants to.

I just uploaded the car, it depends on Germany Jannes23 when the car will be unlocked and ready for downloading. aware that the quality of these screeens is not the best, but its better then nothing^^

Im used to work in the background, so dont worry about no response
1 mal bearbeitet, zuletzt von thecloser_ am 27.07.2017 09:08
!Bitte keine Modwünsche per PM & Gästebuch!
27.07.2017, 13:41
Guys, guys, guys... I am really happy right now. Thank you very much you guys, thank you very much.

I really love crown vic unmarked version.

28.07.2017, 05:06
@_thecloser, wheel size should perhaps be a bit smaller.
28.07.2017, 12:45
Wheels are like that in NFS Hot Pursuit. But easy to change.

I hope we can have unmarked version thumbsup
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