29.11.2017, 08:01
so recently I got the itch to do some mods for DS, I know some of you wont like this, and that's your choice, what i'm doing is putting together a series of v8 super car mods, for DS, I'm using my own database, which once, it's released you can change the numbers to suit yourself, just keep them together.

here is a taste of what i'm doing. I had originally designed the mod for both CT3 and WR2, but a number of problem arose, and I wasn't sure how to fix it, and I had forgotten the password to the mox files so I was stuck with starting over again. I've reexported the cars from their original formats, changed a pile of things.. fixed others.. and the list goes on,
ok I've adjusted the spec and the reflection on it, I don't know why the mtl editor doesn't work properly for me, so it is what it is, ii've tried it multiple times, so i'll be using mtkit for this.. when and if there is a way to put tracks in, you will have to settle for using the race circuit in DS, ... more to come
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04.12.2017, 23:18
Looks good. Why don't you try to adapt the .MTL to Das Syndikat standards? Your mods would look way better like that. You don't even have to do it manually since you can use the MTL Writer from Germany thecloser_ 

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05.12.2017, 00:18
thanks I actually canned this, because there just isn't enough interest in this mod, I've gone back into retirement, I wont be doing anymore mods.. at least not for afc series.
05.12.2017, 06:28
That is unfortunate.
I like your cars and they look really good.
06.12.2017, 16:55
This forum has plenty still readers. I also had this problems once - I was seeking for feedback and got no response.
It is important that you do not only work if people show their interest. Modding needs to enjoy yourself at first and only on seccond thought the community.

As already said, MTL needs some more work, but over all a very nice collection
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06.12.2017, 23:07
thanks dude I guess I was a bit too hasty to make such a decision. I have hundreds of thousands of cars at my disposal,

I don't understand the whole "mtl needs work bit" does any of you use facebook, maybe we can hook up by facebook and we can discuss this more,.. i'm reluctant to send a car so someone can make an example mtl but if it's what I need to do, then i'm, willing to do so..
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07.12.2017, 06:38
so I thought I would revisit it, the mtl editor wipes out my textures if I try to use it, or it turns my car white or some other color than the intended livery, and that just doesn't work for me. I think I might be missing something is there a tutorial that I can use to understand what is causing it..

what I've done here with this one, is change the texture so it uses the intended alpha texture in the original texture. then fine tuned the mtl file a little in mtkit, messed around with the spec and reflection a bit, obviously I have no idea what i'm doing here lol, so just posting this so you can see what is happening.
07.12.2017, 11:26
I'm not sure if I understood ya correctly, but in general, modifying the MTL in the MTkit won't work as it's not compatible with Crash Time 4+.

Your only chance for editing the MTL is by using your favorite text editor or you'll use the MTLWriter by Germany thecloser_ (which ain't available for download right now, needs to be fixed ^^).

In case your livery ain't showin: There is a flag in the MTL file for textures. You have to choose one there. I think for Crash Time 4, mostly "02 Transparency Specular" is used by the most people (see example below).

As I'm not an expert in this kinda stuff, someone else should answer/correct me here or give better instructions ^^

MatClass 00 02 00 04
Diffuse 0x8a8f96
Ambient 0x000000
Specular 0xb8bfc8
Reflect2 0x969696
Specular2 0xb8bfc8
XDiffuse 0xffffff
XSpecular 0x000000
Tex1Name "livery.tga"
Tex2Name ""
Tex3Name ""
TexFlags 0x11 0x00 0x00 0x00
TexOffset 0.000000 0.000000
TexScale 1.000000 1.000000
TexAngle 0.000000
Alpha 000
SpecProps 200 010 059
Fresnel 095 025 080
FallOff 000 010

07.12.2017, 22:28
updated first picture..

and as far as i'm concerned I do this for my own "stress" LOL not to please others. the mtl editor just doesn't work right for me, it turns everything arse up, so I wont be using it.

updated the first post with a new screen.
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