Gal Rozman
05.01.2019, 16:58
Always when I make a new driveable traffic car like bus or truck I have wheel problem because first 2 wheels become very thick and I need to move them to center of the vehicle! And I have another problem, the original traffic bus wheels don't show in game and I turned them for 180 degrees to make _r_hr files and _r_vr and they just don't show up in game!! And I have yet another problem, I made a driveable traffic truck and trailer but camera is very close to truck and I can't look on the road, I tried solutions in SQLite like changing camera positions but they just don't change! Well that's all I started modding 3 days ago soo... I hope you will tell me solutions because I want to post mods on this site!
05.01.2019, 17:30
For avoiding your first problem, change the wheel-settings in your database, reifenFelgenTable. Probaly the easiest way is to create a new entry (just copy from a similar existing car) and use a new numer in "ID". Continue with open your "automodelle"-table and set "Standardreifen" equal to your ID.

If any wheel or car is not shown, your named it incorrect. Check the spelling carfully again.

For editing camera values, use
  • "VerfolgerKameraHoehe" and "VerfolgerKameraEntfernung" for the far distanced view
  • "InnenKameraHoehe" and "InnenKameraEntfernung" for the camera at the windshield
  • "MhaubenKameraHoehe" and "MhaubenKameraEntfernung" for the camera at the front bumper
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Gal Rozman
05.01.2019, 20:02
Well thanks so much I will try these solutions and I will reply if they work for me!
Gal Rozman
05.01.2019, 23:04
I wrote names right but wheels still don't show up!

Thanks I have fixed the camera problem and now I will try to fix other problems

@ Germany thecloser_ I forgot to mention another problem... When I make a car my first or back 2 wheels double so there is 4 of first or back 2 wheels that's why I have very thick/fat wheels!!
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06.01.2019, 14:25
Please try to avoid double-postings, use the Edit-Button instead

Literally, these "Wheel-Positions" namend in MTKit are not necessary for a normal Addon Car. You only need them as soon as your car has more than 2 axles.
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Gal Rozman
06.01.2019, 14:33
Wait whaaat? I actually didn't understand what you mean by using edit button instead. Where? should I use edit button and can you pleassseeee explain solution because I'm new to modding and I don't really understand complicated words xD. I know I am annoying but I just want to fix all my current problems!
06.01.2019, 14:40
Use this for editing your post wink

Ok, lets simplify:
- Open MTKit and go to "Lights-Tab"
- Remove all "Lights" from the list starting with "WP"
-dont forget to save
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Gal Rozman
06.01.2019, 14:49
I don't have any lights !?'
06.01.2019, 14:55
You said in your 4th post, that your wheels are doubled. According to the fact that you are working with a traffic car, you have to open your *.mox file containing the Car by using MTKit. After that, goto Lights-Tab and remove all Listitems from the list starting with "WP"
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Gal Rozman
06.01.2019, 16:19
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