15.07.2019, 13:14
hello, it would be greatly appreciated if anyone could create a toyota gt86 or scion frs for crash time 3, crash time 4, or crash time 5. I already have the 3 games.

I will give different links for the 3d models. you can choose from any of these. either you can pick one 3d model, or you can convert more.

in addition, you can make the windows black because I don't need an interior if the conversion takes too long

I don't need perfection, I just need a colorable/paintable modified 86/frs to drive around in this spectacular game.
it's fine for me if it's just a crappy 30 minute conversion.

I feel like racing games aren't perfect without an 86/frs

I will wait for an answer
thank you so much in advance for reading my request! smile

I have asked permission to the model owners. I wish someone would make this mod
it will be a waste if I asked for permission but wont be able to use it.

free 3d models you can choose fromsadjust choose 1 or more)
or take of the paintjob:
stock gt86:
the easiest: low polygon

or convert from world racing 2 to crash time 3, 4, or 5:
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15.07.2019, 16:10
15.07.2019, 16:26
i have tried looking for his email but it seems to be non existing sad
17.07.2019, 20:16
19.07.2019, 13:59
thank you so much! i have asked permission and learned how to convert. I'll start joining the mod community and start uploading mods!
19.07.2019, 17:25
Great to hear! If you have questions, we will help you! Everyone of us began with low skills.
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