30.08.2019, 22:55
I wrote about Nitro. In WR2 there is no jumping assistant and a sharp landing in the ground, as and in Nitro. I played a lot in WR2, there are several nuances in physics that are not present in Nitro, but basically they are similar. As I wrote above, I want the most important thing, is the weight. I would like to combine the physics of FVR and WR2.
Automotive Gaming schrieb:
Kenesoljas schrieb:
You do not understand me, the physics of WR2 is similar to the physics in Nitro. In any case, not enough weight. In the video, the same car and the same specs, unfortunately my video card broke and because of this the video quality is poor.
I've tried CT1 myself, and the car in CT1 does something that doesn't happen in WR2, it rolls over very easily! So how can you say that physics are similar? FVR Physics are different aswell but if you say so about WR2 it means that you didn't play the game enough and with the right cars. Also remember that in CT1 the physics are always set to 100% Arcade while in WR2 you can choose between Arcade and Simulation.
Miki Matsubara - YouTube / Website
31.08.2019, 19:45
The CT4 handling model is probably THE single best arcade handling model, every comparable game should handle like that (mainly Need for Speed and The Crew).
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