12.10.2019, 22:44
Sorry, is only me who has such problem that csl 3.0 71 cannot drive backward?
13.10.2019, 10:31
The car's author made a mistake creating the database. The reverse gear value is missing …
Addon Manager (v2.2) für DS und UC Jetzt herunterladen!
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13.10.2019, 14:01
Danke schön!
Do you have entity–relationship model/digaram for the DB?
I have tried to translate/change "car groups names" and it was little bit confusing.
Default cars has ClassTextID as number and later reference in Texte table for translation
But all custom/addon cars has group names directly in ClassTextID?
If I want to create new group "Italian" and put there all Italian cars should I change ClassTextID to "Italian"?
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