21.10.2019, 14:22
There is no any trailers in Jannes LKW Addon category when I chose any truck. It is only truck.
Probably it is installed incorrectly.
Can you give me a link to download again this addon?
Sorry I couldn't find it.
Thank you in advance.
21.10.2019, 17:12
Addon Manager (v3.1) für DS und UC Jetzt herunterladen!
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21.10.2019, 19:02
makushima, remember to report such things in the correct section of the forums next time.
"Carfakes" is for modified pictures of real cars, done with Adobe Photoshop or similar programs, so, not related to any game.
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21.10.2019, 20:45
Thank you Jannes23! Re-installation fixed this issue.

@Automotive Gaming: Sorry, my fault. As I understand correct section for general tech issue with mod cars is Forum / Modding / Mod Tech ?
21.10.2019, 21:12
If you have a problem with a modification, Forum/Modding/Support should be the right section.
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