18.11.2019, 19:50
I found Unofficial Mod "World Racing 2: Nothing is impossible" with 430 addon cars.
There are all VAZ from 01 to Lada Priora, all GAZ Volga, Kamaz, Liaz bus ;-) and many exotic german, japanese, american cars.
Is there any SIMPLE way to convert car from WR2 to CT3/4?
I saw some article in German on this site, but my German ist sehr schlecht ;-)
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18.11.2019, 21:07
No, theres no simple way to get a nicely looking car into CT3/4.

You might want to check which has tons of available addons for WR2. Please keep in mind that youre in need of asking for permission before converting a car to another game.
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20.11.2019, 14:35
OK. Let's make it little bit easier. How about to convert from CT3 to CT4? For example Panzer, Airbus, Jutta and Holzschlitten ;-)
Is it hard to do?
20.11.2019, 15:17
well yes and no.
Nearly all steps that you should do to bring a car from WR2 to CT4 needs to be done by converting a car from CT3 to CT4.

But why not simply get started with learning?
Nix gegen Baguette, aber...
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