28.03.2020, 19:35
So basically I would like to make Chris's Coupe into a mod file / add-on instead of replacing an exsisting car that's already in Highway Nights. But I dont exactly know how to make it a mod, or if that's even possible... But if it is, then how? How could I make a .car file like they do with other mods? Can I use WinRAR, or do I have to get another application that can make .car files? By the way, the reason why I'm doing this is because, 1) It would be easier to make these cars into 'add-ons.' Now, I say "these cars" because this isn't the only car that I'm trying to add in. 2) When I do replace a car with the Coupe, the wheels stick out further then where the actual body work and wheel arch is...
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28.03.2020, 20:15
Ok, one by one.

First, theres no possibility to get an exact copy of an original car from Synetic games older than CrashTime IV.
Infact, you cant create new car files. When downloading the EditCar program, theres a car file included, use this to modify the settings to you belongings.

While replacing Cars, the settings (eg wheel position and so on) remain the same. if the wheels stuck out, it means that the new car has less width than the coupe. However, the problem is here the same as above. For all games older than CT IV you cant modify these settings. A possible work-around might be stretching the "new" car to the correct x axis, but this wont give a real looking model ingame.
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28.03.2020, 20:37
So, you're saying that there is no actual way of getting a car from CT2 into CT3...
29.03.2020, 12:29
As for original cars with orginal driving setup - yes.
For addons and similar, just copy the downloaded folders in the corresponding folder. and run the Addonmnager by krom.
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29.03.2020, 13:22
Okay, thanks a lot Bigggrin
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