Marto xD
01.06.2020, 23:52
Hello, i am new at this community, but i've played and compleated every game to 100% and enjoyed them
And i am impressed of what good work Synetic have done with their games. I love all of their games
I don't think that there is gonna be Crash Time 6 because there haven't been new games from a long time, it's gonna be really cool if there is 6
I really want to see if they make a new game, because the graphics were so good EVEN in 2010! I want to see how are the graphics gonna be in 2020
Thank you for reading
Sorry if this is wrong place for this thread
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i like Koenigsegg lol
02.06.2020, 00:17
Their publisher has gone bankrupt years ago and as a result of that, Synetic had to close. Some of the developers might have remained in the industry, but a new Crash Time game (as TV show adaption) is highly unlikely.
Marto xD
02.06.2020, 12:51
i knew that they stop / closed but didn't knew they went bankrupt.
Very sad they had so much potential.
i like Koenigsegg lol
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05.09.2020, 13:41
I'm pretty sure that some Synetic devs have moved on from video games anyway.
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