Marto xD
01.06.2020, 23:52
Hello, i am new at this community, but i've played and compleated every game to 100% and enjoyed them
And i am impressed of what good work Synetic have done with their games. I love all of their games
I don't think that there is gonna be Crash Time 6 because there haven't been new games from a long time, it's gonna be really cool if there is 6
I really want to see if they make a new game, because the graphics were so good EVEN in 2010! I want to see how are the graphics gonna be in 2020
Thank you for reading
Sorry if this is wrong place for this thread
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i like Koenigsegg lol
02.06.2020, 00:17
Their publisher has gone bankrupt years ago and as a result of that, Synetic had to close. Some of the developers might have remained in the industry, but a new Crash Time game (as TV show adaption) is highly unlikely.
Marto xD
02.06.2020, 12:51
i knew that they stop / closed but didn't knew they went bankrupt.
Very sad they had so much potential.
i like Koenigsegg lol
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05.09.2020, 13:41
I'm pretty sure that some Synetic devs have moved on from video games anyway.
06.03.2021, 21:50
Hello guys,

As I posted in Shoutbox earlier, I'm collecting a team of enthusiast devs who are wanting to revive Crash Time series.
Since it's almost impossible to contact with former Synetic guys for purchasing a licensed copy of their 3D Landscape Engine, I'm aiming at Unity instead. But if you have any contacts with Synetic, please let me know.

Here is my very early sketch for the main background. The design is similar to Crash Time 4.

The game will develop the AFC11: Nitro events, without following the TV series, just with the same characters. Our beloved Tom Kranich will return and work again with Semir, Andrea, Bonrath, Herzberger and others.
The more wider variety of cars is planning - Semir's BMW E46 will appear not only as 4-door sedan, but in coupe and estate version too, along with Tom's Mercedes CLK and C-class sedan and estate, Ford Mondeo etc. directly from 00's
Join me in Discord - borisov97#1785
We'll discuss our further actions there.
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27.03.2021, 18:46
Guys, I'm still learning how to code vehicle physics in Unity.
But it's not so easy as it seems at first glance.
We have to implement complete suspension kinematics, as Synetic did, engine force physics, with speedo/tacho gauges etc. So in Unity store we have some paid assets that implement car physics, along with damage models & dirt/scratch decals included, and a simple traffic system (bc in WR2/AFC11 the traffic is simple and quite dumb). you think that it's better to develop all things on our own, or just purchase a couple of these assets?
I know that the ideal solution is to purchase a copy on 3D Landscape Engine from Synetic, but even if (in theory) they'll sell their engine, it's almost impossible to contact them ...
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24.08.2021, 21:06
Guys, now our team consists of 3 people (2 devs & asset creators and 1 asset/level designer)
We decided to move our development to Unreal Engine 4. So forget about Unity.
Now we have only a sandbox where the player is able to drive a car, and several cars are already modelled. Car physics isn't stable yet (but it's WIP). Yet no menu & asset loading system, no missions, no AI...
This all is because we have a few experience in programming and need instant help from skilled and interested programmers from here.

Do you really want the new Crash Time game?!...

...Then join us!
Discord contacts: @borisov97#1785 (me), @6n4mpf#4069 (Marco Mueller a.k.a. Cobra11Modder)
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14.09.2021, 20:27
This sounds interesting. I'd like to help however I can.

I've been experimenting with Unity for a couple of years now (including an attempt at a self-made vehicle physics model), and I'm somewhat knowledgeable in C#, having released multiple standalone modding tools for other games. Recently I've also become more and more invested in C++, which is what would apply to Unreal the most.

That said, I do not have any professional experience in software development and would still be learning as well.
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19.11.2021, 15:09
Once again, we switched the development engine back to Unity, because of UE4 Editor slow performance, heavy GUI and many version-specific features that are important for the project, but get removed from version to version (e.g. Nvidia Flex for mesh deformation goes only up to 4.20 version (including), but not newer). Unity doesn't have these problems.
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30.12.2021, 20:08
Hello,saw this thread quite a while ago. I wish y'all good luck on that,especially in getting licensing. I'd love to help y'all,but unfortunetly,i have no knowledge in coding. However,i'm pretty good at map design,but anyway. Good luck! I'd love to play the game if it ever releases!
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