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So I've been curious about who composed the music in Mercedes-Benz World Racing. It ISN'T The Dibasic, nor is it Dynamedion. Synetic first approached Dynamedion in 2005 during the development of WR2 and The Dibasic has been known to steal music because his name isn't even listed in the credits and would unlikely reach out to a small German game developer because he isn't even German and I doubt he knows the German language. Also, Brett Joel, the "singer" for "Riding On A Star", is a fake singer, there's no Discogs page about him. There are four names in the credits; Nick Schreger, Olaf Georgi, Detlef Piepke, and Christian Becker. Christian and Olaf previously composed for Truck Racing, so we can sort of make out who composed what songs. The songs listed under the duo in my list can be compared to the Truck Racing songs, and they once made music under the name Rapid Orange, and I haven't been able to find their 2001 "Here And Now" album. However, I did find Christian's self-titled album, and I think some of the songs do match up with the style to some extent. So, without further ado, here's the list:
  1. Nick Schreger:
  2. -Addicted 2 Speed
  3. -Endless Roads
  4. -Magic Star
  5. -Maximum Ride
  6. Christian Becker (Becker mentioned composing the first two songs specifically):
  7. -Creation Match
  8. -Don't Turn Around
  9. Olaf Georgi:
  10. -Put On Heat
  11. -Skidding
  12. -Soul Energetic
  13. Detlef Piepke:
  14. -City Fonk
  15. -Drive in Japan
  16. -Germany is a Trip
  17. -Into the Outback
  18. -Lap One
  19. -Nevada
  20. -Nomansland
  21. -No Siesta
  22. -Riding On A Star
  23. Mike Koglin:
  24. -Can You Hear Me
I'd also like to make a few notes, most of Piepke's songs can also be classified as map-specific songs as you can tell by the titles. Also, Riding On A Star may be a collab between Rapid Orange and Piepke.
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