12.01.2021, 18:41
So I've taken the liberty of identifying the character portraits in World Racing 2, and I realized they're reskinned MBWR characters. However, a few portraits have given me a hint. There are two guys in white, and they're believed to be Voodoo and Serano, a German techno duo who had their songs on WR2. The guy with the sunglasses and chin beard is Voodoo while the guy with the brown hair is Serano. If you guys have browsed Synetic's website back in the day, then you would've known the blonde chick in black as Isabell. However, my list is gonna get real interesting.
  1. Driver01.tga (black-and-red-haired girl) = Keisha
  2. Driver02.tga (Blond guy with black jacket) = HeyBabe
  3. driver03.tga (Sexy blonde in black) = Isabell
  4. driver04.tga (Brunette with blue jacket) = Marta
  5. driver05.tga (Blond guy with blue lens glasses and cream racing jacket) = Jay-T
  6. driver06.tga (Guy in biker outfit with a cap) = Dr.Deep
  7. driver07.tga (Girl with CPC top and curly brown hair) = Christina
  8. driver08.tga (Guy in white with long brown hair) = Serano
  9. driver09.tga (Blonde girl with pink jacket) = Angel
  10. driver10.tga (Guy in white with short black hair, sunglasses and soul patch) = Voodoo
How I did this: I typed the driver data in a spreadsheet program, then I realized MBWR had the same, just with different names and no body ID. I used MBWR's body IDs to match the driver texture numbers, and I was able to do it with ease. I realized that 4 and 5 were switched, even in MBWR. So yeah, now you know the faces of your WR2 opponents, and the default guy's name is "HeyBabe". Yes, I'm not kidding.
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