17.02.2021, 15:14
Hey guys, I thought I about making my own thread regarding a big mod pack that I'm about to make for The Syndicate and Undercover, but the mod is gonna come out for the former game first. What is the Synetic Ultimate Mod you may ask? Well, it's a mod pack that'll add cars from previous Cobra 11 games; Crash Time, Burning Wheels and Highway Nights. The Syndicate vehicles will be available for Undercover. I know people have converted Synetic's cars already, but I want to show off my modding knowledge to the community. In the past, I've shown everybody that I can retrieve the exact values without the use of EditCar or SQLite.

Progress report for The Syndicate (NOTE: If anyone wants to send me suitable driver models for certain cars, then please send them to me. Also, the car names are listed in British English.):
DMM = driver model missing
No indicator on the progress means that I haven't gotten around to it yet. Please do not tell me what to add, as I'm doing it in the order of the 3d_fzeugdata tables.

-Alligator Unmarked Police
-Ben B32 Estate Police (Highway Nights model; it will not replace the Ben Sedan Police, even though the values are mostly the same.)
-Ben B32 Estate (non-sport model from Highway Nights; completed but the lights need to be done)
-Cabriolet (not implemented in the game yet, as I started a new DB3 afresh)
-Chris Civil
-City Express
-Coupé Police
-Coupé Sport
-Executive V12
-Fire Brigade
-Formula C11
-Go-kart (done)
-Gianluca Coupé (CT model)
-Gianluca GT
-Grandsport R
-Monsun 2.5 CS
-Monsun Holiday (CT model)
-Monsun Police
-Monsun Tuned
-MPV 3.0 (the same story as the B32 Wagon; DMM)
-MPV Police
-MPV Taxi
-Off-Roader 4x4
-Off-Roader Military
-Off-Roader Police
-Pacemaker Turbo
-Road Chief 6118 (CT model)
-Saphir 3.5 EX
-Saphir 3.5 Turbo
-Saphir 4.0 VTEC
-SEAT León 2.0 TFSI
-SEAT León Supercopa
-Semir Tuned
-Stretch Limo (Highway Nights model)
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