17.02.2021, 18:27
This is a question that I wanted to ask for a while now. What if Semir and his partner take their operations outside of Germany? Or better yet, what if there's an entire Crash Time universe? Here are my ideas for potential countries that are suitable for a C11/Crash Time game:


Okay, let's face it, I know some of you guys hate America, but I think it would've been cool if Synetic could take on Hollywood car chases. I imagine the story would focus on two buddy cops of the California Highway Patrol. Their motives are pretty much the same as Semir and Ben, they go undercover into the drug network, take down car thieves and things like that. I imagine the car list would consist of the Hornet, Hellcat, El Grande, Python, Pickup and other new American vehicles like the Dodge Charger, the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor, the Cadillac CTS-V, the Dodge Magnum and a lot of other things. Of course, not every car has to be American, we can throw in some Japanese vehicles like Honda and Toyota (Why are the Saphir and Prio the only Japanese cars in the series ever?) and some of the German luxury cars from the games set in Germany, like the Semir 3.0 and the Ben B32. To be more specific on the setting, I imagine it would be set in a city based on San Francisco (or maybe Miami) as well as a semi-rural highway map with a few towns.


France would be more of an interesting country, since it has a beautiful scenery with rolling hills and a bunch of middle-age castles. The setting may be somewhere in southern France, since that's where movies like Taxi and Transporter (especially the first movie) took place. The car list may have a lot of new things, but we may keep the familiar ones like the MPV and the Compact. Funnily enough, there has been no French car in the series.

Other good countries (Australia and the UK are candidates because they drive on the other side of the road):

-Australia (maybe)
-The Netherlands (maybe)
-The UK
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