02.03.2021, 08:51
You know, every time I check this website, there is not a single soul that is interested in anything I post, nor is there anyone who is passionate about the series anymore. Sure, I see there's one soul who's gonna revive the game, but that takes too much effort and it is nigh impossible due to the depleted interest. I also don't think I can stay in this community any longer, because I have rivalries against two or more people in the Synetic community. It all started with forum bullying that happened to me four years ago - one of them sided with a moderator who locked my thread and were mocking me.

At this point, it seems like this website and this whole Synetic modding community is dead. I'm not going to do any more effort to spark back some interest nor am I going to be active in the whole community, because as I said, two or more people hate me and I don't think it's worth sorting that out. I will still edit on my AFC11 Wiki and play the games, but in my honest opinion, it's not worth staying in a dead community with people who hate you.

Well, I guess it's farewell for me. Auf Wiedersehen!
1 mal bearbeitet, zuletzt von KaidoAlex586 am 02.03.2021 09:03
04.03.2021, 10:03
its not true,forum is not dead,moderators are active,some of players too,problem with activity was started from moment where the synetic get closed so from something like 2015,
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05.03.2021, 07:54
If I were you, I wouldn't be so sure.
Eventually, who forbids you to ignore bullies?
05.03.2021, 13:01
Well, if that's the case of the forum not being dead, then I guess I'll stay. But I will never interact with those bullies or it'll be another shitshow.
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05.03.2021, 16:59
What about solving your issues with those people?
Nix gegen Baguette, aber...
Marto xD
28.03.2021, 15:22
maybe, the main reason for that maybe is because the game isn't as popular from the beginning and it is a 2000'-10's games
take a look at some other popular games from 2005-10, most of the modding communities are dead as well
the fact that here are still active people is still great considering the unpopularity and the age
1 mal bearbeitet, zuletzt von Marto xD am 28.03.2021 22:53
i like Koenigsegg lol
28.03.2021, 19:58
Actually, Synetic's AFC11 games started in 2006. The whole Synetic modding community appeared around the early 2000s if I'm not mistaken.
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