31.03.2021, 13:29
I have a very specific hobby, and that is making extended car lists of video games. What are they exactly? They are basically dream lists for a particular video game containing extra cars as if the game would be released in an alternate reality where the budget is higher and there are fewer strict licenses.

Mercedes-Benz World Racing (non-Mercedes cars are downloadable, except for Smart. This list contains extra Mercedes models and concept cars): https://extended-car-l...ercedes-Benz_World_Racing
World Racing 2 (tons of American cars added along with some extra European, Japanese, and Australian models):
Alarm für Cobra 11: Nitro (everything is converted to licensed cars with the traffic cars being playable): https://extended-car-l...Nitro_(licensed_car_list)
Alarm für Cobra 11: Crash Time: https://extended-car-l..._Time_(licensed_car_list)
Alarm für Cobra 11: Burning Wheels (will revise later): https://extended-car-l...heels_(licensed_car_list)
Alarm für Cobra 11: Highway Nights (will revise later): https://extended-car-l...ights_(licensed_car_list)
Alarm für Cobra 11: Das Syndikat (will make it later)
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