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I'll start (no addon cars allowed):

MBWR: Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG. One of the later cars you unlock in the game, I like it for its right balance between speed and handling.
WR2: Brabus SV12 Roadster. A Brabus version of the SL that you can download for the game, I like it due to its slickness and performance.
Rinspeed Bedouin. An off-road shooting brake version of the Porsche 911, I'm sold.
VW Touareg "The Rock". A Touareg with a baller 2000s-looking body kit. Because I like 2000s modifications, the Touareg Rock interests me. I wonder if it was named after Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, though.
AFC11 Nitro to Burning Wheels: Saphir 3.5 Turbo. I'm a fan of Japanese cars, so the Saphir is one of my favorites. I like the Chris/Coupé too (not the Tom, though).
Highway Nights: The Cabriolet. It's such a shame that Synetic didn't port over the Coupé from BW, but the Cabriolet is there to make up for it, and I know that it previously appeared in BW. However, I wish the Cabriolet was never cut from DS.
Ben Sport. The B32 in Highway Nights may not be to everyone's tastes, but the Sport version is damn sexy! Too bad the Sport doesn't retain the same attractiveness in DS and UC.
Das Syndikat: Probably the Ben Coupé. To be honest, I think it has a better design than most other cars in the game.
Undercover: Ben Sport Coupé, a sexier version of the Ben Coupé.

Other cool cars: Executive V8 (CT), Gianluca GT (BW), Excellence V12 (HN & DS), Razor 4.0 (HN & DS), Ben Estate Taxi (HN & DS), Liquidator 600 (HN) & Pirana (UC)
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06.05.2021, 12:01
iin game: Razor CTR V12, Police Pick-UP, modded: Jannes'es M4,
07.05.2021, 09:58
No modded cars, please. This post is for standard Synetic cars only.
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