06.05.2021, 11:02
So I'm currently re-translating some AFC11 games from German to English and I have questions about some words. Are these translations accurate? I'm trying to make the games more accurate to their original German localizations.

Dienstwagen = Official car (Dienstwagen doesn't quite refer to a company car or staff car in the context of law enforcement, because neither of them has anything to do with the police. A police car is a maybe, but police car in German translates to "Polizeiwagen", so official car makes more sense for "Dienstwagen")
"Kriminalpolizei" ranks:

Kriminalkommissar = Detective Commissioner
Kriminaloberkommissar = Detective Chief Commissioner
Kriminalhauptkommissar = Detective Main Commissioner

I don't want to use British police ranks (e.g. Detective Superintendent), because every country has its own police ranking system.

Also, is it okay to leave "Spürpanzer" untranslated?
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07.05.2021, 15:44
"Dienstwagen" is similar to "company car" in english, because it means a car you get from the company to do your job.

It's okay to leave "Spürpanzer" untranslated.
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