13.05.2021, 21:36
Someone should contact the ex-Synetic/dtp employees and convince them to release the source code of Crash Time 5. I'd try it myself if I knew who to contact regarding this matter.

I'm serious about this. CT5 is a great game with some of the best physics in any arcade racing game, and I'm absolutely certain it would make for a great foundation if they were to make the source code publically available.

I'm confident we could attract new talent in the form of developers that we could actually improve the game and transform it into something new.

Germany thecloser_ I believe you're the one who knows the most about Synetic. You wouldn't happen to have any ideas regarding this, would you?

And everyone else, what do you think of this? Why or why not should this happen? Or maybe I need a reality check and this is, for whatever reason, truly impossible.
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13.05.2021, 21:46
1 mal bearbeitet, zuletzt von KaidoAlex586 am 17.04.2022 13:06
13.05.2021, 22:20
I'm not sure either if they will give it away, all we can do is try. Knowing they're willing to listen would be the first step to getting this through.
And this doesn't require an "alive" community, because if it ends up coming true then it will ignite things all by itself.
14.05.2021, 18:06
Something is already in the works regarding CT5, but I can't share informations (for now).about who is in charge of this and what are the plans.
3 mal bearbeitet, zuletzt von Automotive Gaming am 14.05.2021 18:12
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14.05.2021, 19:24
Now that's interesting! Since we're left guessing for now, I'd say someone's reverse engineering the game?

Either way, please make sure to keep us in the loop, and when it's ready to be announced, inform us how we can contribute!
15.05.2021, 19:01
1 mal bearbeitet, zuletzt von KaidoAlex586 am 17.04.2022 13:06
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16.05.2021, 23:14
I dont have to say anything in addition to Automotive Gaming wink

Maybe that other news might appear soon aswell...
Nix gegen Baguette, aber...
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26.05.2021, 15:10
I'm experimenting with something on my own and can only wonder if your project is what I think is, at all.

Perhaps going Open Source is a step too far for the ones in charge of such a decision.
Instead, just having access to PDBs for the game executables would already be very helpful.

Here's hoping "soon" is actually soon smile
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