24.04.2022, 19:29
So i was thinking on if it's possible to change a driver model like for example, make the Kart Driver Model to use Semir or Ben or Guy. Is it possible?
29.04.2022, 01:07
All you really need to do here is swap the body textures for whoever you want to drive through MTKit (e.g. "Body_Semir" for Semir), then use the right head. In most cases from Burning Wheels and Highway Nights, "[car]_hd_03" is for Semir, "[car]_hd_04" is for Ben, and "[car]_hd_01" is for a "default" driver. Be sure you port over the right textures for whomever you'd like to be behind the wheel as well.

Hope that helps!
19.05.2022, 01:32
Thanks, btw I'm trying to fix something in buggy, when choose buggy in freeroam, Semir has ben's head
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