Mod TechCrash Time 5 Ultimate Mod 3 (RErelease)

21.01.2013, 22:05 - racingculturegr - Fortgeschrittener - 169 Beiträge i show ultimate mod 3 for crash time 5..i want to rerelease but WITH ALL permissions from here,because some cars its from here..i talk to SNIP3R about that..and i say sorry..thats why i remove it..and now want release again..(not all cars from here) i got one update for that too and add some cars..if all give me permissions i will release it again with some changes,i will add names ,this site into the info...thanks..

Little info: all games cars replaced by real ones ,traffic too,addons and traffic addons!


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22.01.2013, 14:15 - ///M - Experte - 939 Beiträge
That's very nice. Few Cars have little mistakes by the 3D-Structure, but it's also good. smile

I hope you got the permissions from the Users from here. wink

Good Luck!


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22.01.2013, 14:32 - 2277664499 - Profi - 368 Beiträge
Hello I find your car really good.
I also hope that you get the permit.
And I would find it great when you download it to your dhcpd.

I would be in the 3 car (ie at 10 image) nor a civilian blue light then it would insert perfectly.

And in the car on Figure 28, I would also have a Blaulciht put on the roof.
In the car on Figure 89 even with this, I would find a good blue light

I do not know if you look Cobra 11 but if so then you wüstest that this is the new BMW of Semir is I think it would be good if you could this also provided with a civilian blue light.

I would be happy if you bring the above mentioned things still would.

Thank you



[center]Zu jedem Wagen gehören Blaulichter egal in welcher Form!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG]

22.01.2013, 17:32 - Sekhan Germir - Fortgeschrittener - 120 Beiträge
What's the name of the car before the Ferrari FF???

Ein Gruß aus dem schönen Thüringen!

22.01.2013, 20:31 - Amaury - Administrator - 2133 Beiträge
@Sekhan Germir: Was hat dies mit dem Thema zu tun? Es handelt sich um einen Holden HSV W427

@racingculture: We don't really had a conversation about this subject, but I saw that you removed the downloadlinks from your forum, so for me it's forgotten.
About my mods/addons: I will not give a permission for my cars because I want to have a full control on my addons ... Sorry for that.

Well, good luck for the future.

PS: I really like this BMW. Love the vinyl and rims wink

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23.01.2013, 13:12 - ///M - Experte - 939 Beiträge
@RacingCulture: Can you replace then the Cars of Amaury? Please. smile

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23.01.2013, 19:57 - SW8607 - Anfänger - 12 Beiträge
@RacingCulture: I have the same opinion as France Amaury and I will not give a permission for my addons too!

Good luck!
23.01.2013, 20:56 - Jan A. - Fortgeschrittener - 165 Beiträge
feel free to use the bus bro
23.01.2013, 21:55 - AfP38 - Profi - 361 Beiträge

Your mod looks really great. I hope some more modders will give you the permission.
If you like to add a Ford Taurus SHO, so look in my showroom. I would give you the permission, if you want.

at all: Who has done theese Ford Focus RS ? I like this car!


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13.02.2013, 13:10 - CobraGamer - Experte - 956 Beiträge
I really like this car. Who made the car? And when is this car released?

15.05.2022, 09:50 - BMW E30 - Anfänger - 2 Beiträge
how to download?