Andere Synetic SpieleAlarm für Cobra 11: Total Chaos (lost DS game)

26.07.2021, 19:55 - KaidoAlex586 - Amateur - 62 Beiträge
So we all know about Crash Time 3D, which is a poor attempt at a Crash Time game for handhelds. But did you know there was an attempt of Crash Time on the go back in 2009? Yes, if you watch the original Highway Nights trailer, you will find that it was to be available for the Nintendo DS. Years ago, I did my research on that, and guess what I found? AFC11 Total Chaos. There were a few screenshots of it, and it looked more like a DS adaptation of Burning Wheels than Highway Nights. I remember the Ben B 32 from Burning Wheels pictured in one of those screenshots. Fast forward to 2021, and I can no longer find information about the game. Does it exist or do I have a false memory? If it does exist, was it canceled? I don't think Synetic was responsible for the development, though.
26.07.2021, 20:53 - Isswas - Anfänger - 5 Beiträge
This game?
26.07.2021, 22:45 - KaidoAlex586 - Amateur - 62 Beiträge
No, that's not it. I did refer to AFC11 3D earlier in the post, but I was talking about an entirely different game for the Nintendo DS and not the 3DS.