[HN] Alligator Pack v1.1

Been a while since I had last uploaded something.

Alligator Zivil:
-New wheels
-New lights (Thanks to France Amaury for allowing me to use his Alligator Turbo mod as basis for the LED taillights!)
-New police lights (Hella FWL, TypeR & Hella WL combinations included separately)
-Ben or Semir can drive
-Interchangeable .mtl files
-Licence plate pack included

Alligator BadGuy:
-New wheels
-New lights
-Licence plate pack included

Alligator Police:
-New wheels
-New lights
-New police lights (Hella FWL with Hella RTK-4)
-New licence plate: [NRW:4-180]

Anticipate more to come!

Patch v1.1:
-Fixed the intended night lights for the Zivil and BadGuy variants; they now activate with the headlights, as with the Police variant.
-Slightly reduced the size of the night lights to "0.9" instead of "1".
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